The Freeto

Who is The Freeto?

GoProv founder
Collaborative Improv Arts Co-Founder
Performer, Director, Student, Audience Member, Super fan

"I grew up on watching "Whose Line is it Anyway". I never had those loving adults who said I can be whatever I wanted to be, but I did have Drew, Ryan, Colin, Wayne, and the cast of Whose Line showing me that I can indeed be anything or anyone with a simple "Yes, and".

While taking improv classes at Second City, Chicago I realized that if I really wanted something I could create it. Goshen, Indiana and Goshen Art House (then known as New World Arts) offered the opportunity to create. GoProv was founded and became a local treasure for learning, teaching, performing, and sharing improv comedy. Today, GoProv is improv comedy on the go. Still based out of the improv hot bed of Goshen but GoProv is a professional group that travels the tri-state are teaching and performing.

14x 26.2
3x 50k

My most proud  moment running was completing the Winter Challenge 50K run while having 2 broken arms. It was a challenge, indeed. Stupid to try, difficult to complete, and proud to have finished.

Up next...
2022 Chicago Marathon

Plant Based Being
21 Years of not eating red meat.
12 years vegan

I  am not perfect but I do show compassion towards animals. I eat Oreos more than I should but I am in charge of my food choices. I do not shame or hate on others who do not eat like I do but I will gladly be a guide, a support, or a mentor for those that want more plants and less faces. Proudly plant powered.

Blog writer? Comedy writer? Embarrassment to self. 

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