The Freeto

Who is The Freeto?

GoProv founder
Collaborative Improv Arts Co-Founder
Performer, Director, Student, Audience Member, Super fan

"I grew up on watching "Whose Line is it Anyway". I never had those loving adults who said I can be whatever I wanted to be, but I did have Drew, Ryan, Colin, Wayne, and the cast of Whose Line showing me that I can indeed be anything or anyone with a simple "Yes, and".

11x 26.2
2x 50k

My most proud  moment running was completing the Winter Challenge 50K run while having 2 broken arms. It was a challenge, indeed. Stupid to try, difficult to complete, and proud to have finished.

Up next...
WTF Trail Half
London Marathon

Plant Based Being
19 Years of not eating red meat.
7 years vegan

I  am not perfect but I do show compassion towards animals. I eat Oreos more than I should but I am in charge of my food choices. I do not shame or hate on others who do not eat like I do but I will gladly be a guide, a support, or a mentor for those that want more plants and less faces. Proudly plant powered.

Blog writer? Comedy writer? Embarrassment to self.