Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The Steve Freeto Podcast Episode 3



Welcome to Episode 3 of the Steve Freeto podcast. This is a very special episode. We have a guest that we are vetting right now. If this guest gets through, this will be the best podcast ever recorded. We have a very small window to talk with this guest. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but this guest has a brand new book to promote. I wont ruin the surprise but this guest wrote about a promised land. But first a quick word from another book. 

For some folks, improv is life and those folks know that life is improv. There’s a new book to help you improvise your life. Go, Improv is the new book by Stephen Freeto. Go, Improv is a collection of quick stories, guidelines, advice, and short form improv games for life and the stage. Go, Improv can be purchased through the online devil or you can buy local. Five dollars from every purchase made through Goshen Art House will be a donation to Goshen Art House. Support those not for profit arts organizations. Now more than ever, we need the arts. Use The Freeto at checkout for an autograph! Thats THE FREETO.  https://art-house-105912.square.site/

That’s another great partner. Hey, here at the Steve Freeto podcast I want you to know that there are so many great podcasts out there. Thanks for checking out mine. This is the podcast to end all podcasts. 

Do you ever have that not so fresh feeling? Do you have sweat in your nether region? Have we got a solution for you. Now is not the time to have that swampy feeling from your pits to your toes. Stink Stank Stunk time to get rid of that funk. Use The FREETO at check out. That’s THE FREETO. Now take your dirty ass to the shower. 

Welcome back. I am so excited for our guest. I hope we have time!  Keep in mind that I personally decide what sponsors join our podcast. Everything you hear on this podcast is run by me. My team does a great job at vetting these partners. Just like we make sure all of our guests meet our standards.

Remember Columbia House Records? Well, it’s back. You can get 12 cassettes  for the price of one Penny. Cassette tapes are the new vinyl. Do you want some tunes to be mailed to your house? Well, just pick from our most popular albums and you will be riding the storm out with the greatest hits. Like a bridge over troubled waters, Columbia House will take you to the stairway to heaven. Just find a penny, tape it to our envelope and drop it in the mail. Don’t forget to pencil in THE FREETO for free shipping. Also, as a listener to the Steve Freeto Podcast, here is a little tip. Do not use your own name. Make up a name and you will get free music. 12 tapes for one penny. 

I’ve got a great story for you. Have you ever been so embarrassed that you cringe just thinking about the memory. Hmmmm...Just call me BT cause I’m a big tease. But first, a quick word from our sponsor. 

Are you bored bingeing TV? Do you miss having friends? Do you want more out of life? Well, guess what folks its back...the POKE is back on Facebook. As a giver, you can poke all your friends. If you are a receiver, you are guaranteed to get poked back. Poke poke poke. It’s the best. Sorry folks, no offer codes with the poke. It’s free, Go ahead and poke now. 

Well, looks like we ran out of time. I am so sorry to our guest. Maybe we will record something off air and share it behind the paywall. Sorry guest. The Steve Freeto podcast will be back next week with an all new Steve Freeto podcast. it all. See you next week. 

Harry’s Dollar MeUndies Private Parts Shave Club…tell ‘em The Freeto sent you   

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