Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Steve Freeto Podcast Episode 2


Welcome to Episode 2 of the Steve Freeto podcast! Today is going to be a special one. We dig real deep into the dramatic early days of Steve Freeto. We will share everything that should have been shared with a therapist years ago. But first here is a quick word from a sponsor.  

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I love that sponsor. They are more like a partner to me. So, there was so much positive feedback from Episode 1. If there is time, I will read you some of the fan mail we received here at the podcast.

Not everyone has a Plus One to take home to the holidays. Are you tired of your parents asking “when are you going to settle down?” “are we ever going to be grandparents” “are you gay?”. Well, Plus One is the service for you. You can swipe thorough our selection of Plus One’s to find the temporary mate for you. Just take our short online quiz and you can find a single serving or a long term fake mate to show off to friends and family. Don’t worry, all of our Plus One Significant Others go through a thorough screening to make sure that you are the sociopath in the relationship. We offer a safe and secure relationship with clearly defined boundaries. Log on to Plus One for your free trial. Use the offer Code THE FREETO for a free coffee “date”. Plus One is the one for you.

We know that times are tough out there. This podcast is meant to be a shared journey. We all are very similar in all of our differences. I love knowing we are connecting.

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The Steve Freeto Podcast is indeed the only podcast where Steve Freeto will be Steve Freeto for all of the Steve Freeto fans to get to know Steve Freeto. I would know I am Steve Freeto. You know, I didn’t really like my name in middle school and high school. Now I like it. To quote Jay Z, I am not a businessman. I am a business, man.

Some podcasts will let anyone be a sponsor. Here at the Steve Freeto podcast, we partner with only the best products and services out there. If you want to be considered as a top sponsor for this podcast, please contact TheFreeto@thefreeto.tv that’s T H E F R E E T O at T H E F R E E T O dot T V

This podcast has been a labor of love for me. I really enjoy baring my soul and letting all of you into my world. Some say I am hard to love but you know what? I am the one I love.

We haven’t had time to sort through the data to find out the demographics of our listeners but everyone is welcome here at the Steve Freeto podcast.

Do you hate certain types of people? Do you believe you are better than others? Do you want to control what women do with their bodies? Well, the Republican party wants you. With a few years of training, you too can be a hate monger working in Washington D.C.  Use The Freeto at check out and you will be entered into a free drawing for Senatorship of the State of Kentucky. Republicans: We Party like its 1618.

Wow, time flies when you are having fun. This has been another episode of the Steve Freeto podcast. Remember you cannot spell Anti-Capitalist without I. See you next week. Oh, don’t forget about our fav sponsor.

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