Friday, November 13, 2020

Go, Improv...the book interview with myself!

Me: Congrats on the book "Go, Improv".

Me: Thank you. It has been in process for years. Feels great to have it released. 

Me: Why write a book about improv? 

Me: Well, improv has been a passion of mine for years. I have referenced many books, websites, and secret scrolls to find sources of improv that benefit me. 

Me: So, this isn't new information?

Me: It's improv. There's something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. 

Me: There is a wedding toast in the book. Is that real?

Me: Yes. My friends Matt and Tara got married and asked me to give a speech. I decided to compare improv to marriage. It worked brilliantly. 

Me: What else is in the book?

Me: It's really a collection of essay's that I recently wrote along with years of documentation of short form games that GoProv has been sharing. I have always typed up our set list and shared information to our players. Really what I have done with this book is compiled a bunch of useful information into one pretty collection. 

Me: Tell me about the cover art. 

Me: I really owe that to Ben Longcor. I had a vision in 2019 of what the future of improv would look like and Ben was able to create the image. Who knew that the future of improv would be digital and internet based? 

Me: How have you been adapting to the world of online zoom? 

Me: It has been interesting. I have taken classes with improv royalty from all over the globe. I have performed with international theatres and groups I would have never met pre quarantine. I have been able to teach, learn, share, and play online. The future of improv is now. 

Me: You always say "Improv is life and life is improv". What do you mean by that?

Me: It's pretty straight forward and can be taken literally. Everything we do is improvised. Life does not have a script. 

Me: Tell us about your personal life? 

Me: No. 

Me: Are you hiding something?

Me: No. I'm here to talk about the book.

Me: There are rumors that the book is a metaphor for your love life. 

Me: Uh no. The book is a toolkit for folks who want to learn, teach, and perform improv.

Me: So are you saying there is no truth to the secret Illuminati references. 

Me: My people said that Illuminati questions are unacceptable. 

Me: I'm sorry. Seems like I've touched a nerve.

Me: No. There's no truth the the rumors. I am not involved in any made up cult. 

Me: Isn't improv a cult?

Me: Yes, it is and it is real.

Me: Are you a cult leader?

Me: One of the guidelines in the book is to lead so others can follow and follow so others can lead. Does that sound like a cult?

Me: Yes. 



Me: Are we done here?

Me: One last question. When can the public buy this book?

Me: It's available right now. Send an email to or wait until it is available on Amazon. 

Me: Great. Thank you for your time almighty one. 

Me: Yes,and dismissed. 


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