Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Go, Improv: How to improvise your life by Stephen Freeto

Buy the book locally through Goshen Art House!

Yes, the book is available on the world's most hated online distributor. Go ahead buy it online. You could just shoot us a message and we will ship you one from the GoProv headquarters. You can even get a signed copy if that's what you want. Hell, we might even throw in a free t-shirt or something. Shoot an email to and we can chat. Art House will be selling these too. $5 of each book sale will be donated to the folks that helped GoProv find a home. So decide for yourself. Buy from the big evil guy, buy from us, buy from a local business, or write your own book. 

Go, Improv 

Are you an improviser looking for a quick reference guide for short form games?
Are you wanting to learn about improv comedy?
Are you curious how GoProv got its start?
Are you trying to build your own improv troupe?
Are you ready to teach improv?
Are you bored with life and want to read 100 pages about improv?
Are you ready to make life more interesting?

Yes, and it's time to get the book! 

Learn over 120 short form games and exercises from GoProv. GoProv was formed in the early 2000's as Goshen's one and only improv comedy troupe. The award winning GoProv has been making tens of people laugh over the years. Calling Goshen Art House it's home, GoProv is pleased to share some insight into the professional world of improv comedy. 

Go, Improv has a chapter on how to improvise in a world that has been locked down, social distanced, and quarantined. How to improvise via Zoom and online platforms. Plenty of hints and tips are available for your online fun. 

In the year 2020 it has become even more evident that the world needs to wake up and focus on inclusivity and acceptance of diversity. Steve Freeto worked with Sadie Drescher and others to provide some helpful tools to benefit the world of improv. Normalizing feedback and doing some work against oppression in a historically oppressive medium is important. We have to address sexism, racism, ableism, xenophobia, and all of the negative impact improv has on the marginalized and under represented folks. Just think about those accents that are deemed funny but are based on stereotypes and an "ism". Check out the chapters at the end of the book to learn more. 

Looking for car crashes, explosions, sex scenes, bear fights, and vulgar language? Are you? That's creepy. If you learn improv, you can do all of that in your home edition of Go, Improv. 

Buy the book. Donate copies to your local theatre. Send some to your virtual school. Make GoProv a household name.  

$20 from GoProv includes free shipping, an autograph, and support to a local 501(c)(3) organization. Art House is our house. 

Official links to purchase the book coming soon. 

Send an email to to get started now.

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