Saturday, November 14, 2020

Podcast Transcript

 Here is the transcript from the Steve Freeto Podcast. The episode drops soon. 

Welcome to the Steve Freeto Podcast! I am Steve Freeto. We are going to get into it today but first a word from our sponsors.

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Welcome back to the Steve Freeto podcast. We couldn’t do this without you. Who is we you may wonder? Well it’s just me and all of you. Here’s a word from our latest sponsor.

Remember Saturday Morning cartoons? Remember getting the biggest bowl you could find and filling it with sugary breakfast cereal? There was nothing like spending the morning with the Smurfs while the Cap’n rips apart the roof of your mouth. Slurping up milk made everything feel better. The fact is, we are all getting older. Sugary glutten cereal and whole milk does not do the body good. Try new Magic Cereal the sweet and healthy breakfast cereal for adults. As a grown ass adult, it is up to you to take care of your body. Magic Cereal is gluten free, vegan, packed with vitamins, minerals, and has no fake filler materials. Magic Cereal packs a punch and won’t hurt the roof of your mouth. Grab a bowl of Magic Cereal today. Tell them The Steve Freeto Podcast sent you. Use The Freeto at check out.

Alrighty. Let’s get into it. You know these sponsors are products that I would use even if they were not partners of this podcast. I believe in these products. I would even pay for them if they were not paid partners.

There are so many bed in a box company’s out there. Many of them sponsor podcasts. How can you ever tell them apart? Sleep Cube is not just a mattress in a box. Sleep Cube is the only sleep system that will take you to the third dimension of sleep. Sleep soundly on a Sleep Cube. Take a quick online quiz and we will fit you for the last mattress you will ever buy. Sleep Cube is the Picasso of sleep. Ah, that's a Cubism reference. You won’t regret your Sleep Cube Sleep System. Try Sleep Cube for 10 years or your money back. I have to say, I haven’t had a night where I woke up before my alarm since I had a Sleep Cube. I love sleeping now. Don’t forget to use The Freeto at checkout for free shipping. Sleep Cube…it’s the future of sleep.

Here we go. The Steve Freeto podcast is the only podcast where you will find Steve Freeto being Steve Freeto. The truth is in here.

Speaking of wanting to believe. Check out the newest entertainment platform for your entertainment. The Xfiles Box is now shipping. Do you want to help Mulder and Scully dig into the conspiracy plot or do you just want to investigate the Monsters of the Week? Either way, the XFiles Box will have secret meetings with the Cancer man and the Lone Gunmen. New from 1013 productions and Chris Carter is the one and only Subscription entertainment system. You will be tempted to hook up with your partner, but we all know that your objective is to find the aliens that abducted your sister. XFiles Box available now. Use The Freeto at checkout for a surprise gift.   

You really must know that the Steve Freeto podcast and our partners are solely here to share the adventures of Steve Freeto while also sharing some products and services that I believe in. You will never hear me sell out to corporate greed. I am all about transparency and anti-capitalism. This is the podcast for the people by the people.

Have you been in a car accident or do you have someone you want to sue? Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get what is yours. You’ve seen the hit television show Better Call Saul, now you can call an attorney that will fight for you. Give Saul & Saul Attorneys in Law A Call. Saul and Saul Attorneys in Law will be the last call you make for your law needs. Saul and Saul Attorneys in Law are here for you. Don’t forget to mention The Freeto to save $100 on your retainer fee.

Check out the show notes for links to all of our podcast partners. This podcast would not be possible without all of our supporters. Thank you so much for listening. We will be back next week to bring you more insight into the world of Steve Freeto. Until then. We leave you with a quick word from our sponsors…

Harry’s Dollar MeUndies Private Parts Shave Club…tell ‘em The Freeto sent you.

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